"You will have plenty of goat's Milk to feed you and your family and to nourish your servant girls."
~Proverbs 27:27
   So, how is it we came to have goats in the first place?   Well, we have a long line of health issues that led us down the path where we found our goats.   My second son had chronic ear infections like his older brother before him.  About the time we were to be sent to the  ENT for tubes (like his brother before him), I had a friend suggest we take him off of cow milk which is very mucous forming.  We switched him from cow milk to rice milk and he never had another ear infection.  A couple of years later, the next boy turned up with severe dairy allergies so we took the whole family off of all dairy.  As a result, everyone's seasonal allergies seemed to disappear.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  Four years of strict adhereance to the no dairy diet seemed to end number three son's dairy allergies.  A blessing indeed, but we just never went back to being big dairy consumers after seeing the health benefits of having everyone mostly off of them.  Then in 2004 came son number 5.  He had Hirschsbrungs disease for which he underwent surgery at 3 weeks of age.  Though the colon problem was largely improved, he continued to have severe diaper rashes.  At a year, when he was weaned, we put him on rice milk, not wanting to go back to the mucous forming cow milk we'd long given up.  This didn't set well with his system.  Too high on the glycemic scale, so we tried goat milk, mostly inoculated with Kefir.  He did beautifully.  After several months of traveling long distances to purchase milk, an opportunity presented itself to purchase our own doe.  We did so along with her brand new kids.  We soon realized goats make wonderful pets and loved having the fresh milk.  Over the next year we slowly grew our herd to what it is today and though we now have an abundance of fresh goat milk, yogurt, kefir, cheese and ice cream (made with honey or maple sugar instead of sugar)  we have no more ear infections!  We've found the raw goat milk doesn't have the mucous forming, allergy encouraging tendancy we found from cow milk. .Though it was a rather long, windy path, we're so thankful to have arrived here at Dreamy-Hollow!

   We are the Spaulding family and are located in Norman, OK.
You can contact us at mspaulding@sbcglobal.net or (405)364-8442.