"You will have plenty of goat's Milk to feed you and your family and to nourish your servant girls."
~Proverbs 27:27
2015 Sales

We are located in Norman, Oklahoma. Mikaela has been very proactive in gathering some very fine animals, and this year we are only offering bucks from our finest does, Our does have appraised exceptionally well and are proven milkers.  We will have several does in milk available in April. They will be for sale for $500.  Reserve you choice kids from the kidding schedule page.

Please give us a call at 405-364-8442 or email us with any questions or comments.

Dreamy-Hollow Ryder Bella
Experimental $300

2014 and 2013 Doelings
          Sire's Sire: Sunrise-Hill Good Time Charlie
Sire:  Dreamy-Hollow GTC Night Ryder
  LA 90 EEE    
          Dam's Dam:   SGCH Del-Mirage Friday Night
  LA 91 EEEE

          Dam's Sire:  Windrush Farms Ruffian Storm
                                           LA 90 VEE 
  Dam: Dreamy-Hollow's Storm Basil
                                         LA  VVEc - V
          Dam's Dam:  Dreamy-Hollow CSN Brie
     LA 91 EEEE
          Sire's Sire: IK Caprines Snowbuck Pineapple
Sire:  IK Caprines SBP Fly Boy
  LA 86 VVV    
          Dam's Dam:  GCH Rowe's Falcon Faira

          Dam's Sire:  IK Caprines SBP Fly Boy
  LA 86 VVV  
  Dam: Dreamy-Hollow's FB Skylar
          Dam's Dam:  Dreamy-Hollow Storm BleuSky
Dreamy-Hollow FB Sparrow
Experimental $300
Bred to Razor March Kids