"You will have plenty of goat's Milk to feed you and your family and to nourish your servant girls."
~Proverbs 27:27
Goat Milk Soap
and Lotion

Below is a list of scents we offer:

Dreamy Cinnamon
warm and spicy

Dreamy Cucumber Aloe
a sweet, light fregrance

Dreamy Energy
an invigorating citrus blend

Dreamy Frankensense
a warm and refreshing scent

Dreamy Lavender
scented with pure essential oil

Dreamy Oats & Honey
containing real oats and fresh honey to soften and nourish your skin

Dreamy Original
the very basics. No added fragrances

Dreamy Romance
a fresh floral scent

Dreamy Sandalwood
rich and woody with a hint of vanilla

Dreamy Vanilla Almond
a soft, sweet scent

Product Prices are as follows:

4oz bars: $4.00 each

3oz bottles: $4.00 each
7oz bottles: $8.00 each
14oz bottles $15.00 each

For purchase information please contact us by email
or phone: 405-364-8442

Come See Us!

Dreamy-Hollow Soap and Bath Products can now be found at the Norman Farmer's Market held at the Cleveland County Fair Grounds every Wednesday and Saturday 8:00 A.M. to Noon.

Why You Should be Using Goat's Milk on Your Skin

Commercially made skin care products are laden with harsh chemicals, detergents and alcohol. The result of this inadvertent abuse leaves your skin stripped of natural nutrients, dry, and vulnerable to unpleasant conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.
Unlike commercially made soaps, Dreamy soaps and lotions are handcrafted. Each bar is packed with nourishing ingredients that actually help to feed and rebuild your skin cells! Our products are made with only the finest, food grade oils such as olive, castor, avacodo and coconut oil as well as aloe vera and shea butter to sooth and moisturize. Also, in most commercial products, the first ingredient is water.  We add no water to our products so as to not dilute the benefits of our nourishing ingredients.
    Additionally, each bar contains at least an ounce of our fresh goat milk, the miracle cure for your skin. Goat milk is packed with protein and fats that help to moisturize and rebuild your skin cells as well as Alpha-hydroxy acids which naturally exfoliate, stimulating the skin and regenerating healthy new cells as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Alpha-hydroxy acid is artificially infused into most anti aging and wrinkle fighting creams, but with our products, you are getting alpha-hydroxy acid in its purist and most natural form. In summary, goat milk soap and lotion help to feed your skin, giving you  a gentle and natural way to cleanse it while providing the nourishment and relief it needs for a glow that radiates from truly healthy skin.