Hull's RWHT Jafar
American Alpine

                    Sire's Sire:Redwood Hills Sierra Jazzman                        
Sire: Redwood Hills Jazz Thor
       Sire's Dam: SGCH Redwood Hills X-Rated Tango
    LA 4-06 92 EEEE

   Dam's Sire: Willow Run Abraham Wonder                   
                                            LA 03-00 88 V+E
Dam: GCH Willow Run WRAW Jasmine
                                           LA  06-04 92 EEEE
Dam's Dam: Willow Run Apache Josefina
   LA 07-02 92 EEEE                  
"You will have plenty of goat's Milk to feed you and your family and to nourish your servant girls."
~Proverbs 27:27
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Fly Boy



"Jafar" is tall and stylish. His Grand dam, Tango, is an incredible doe from the Redwood Hill's herd.   She has twice won her class at Nationals.  Jamine has placed in the Top 5 at Nationals and Josefina won her 4-yr old class at Nationals. 
IK Caprines SBP Fly Boy
American Toggenburg

Sire's Sire: GCH Little Creek LCWT Snowbuck     
                                          Sire: IK Caprine Snowbuck Pineapple                             
LA 88 VEV                        
           Sire's Dam: SGCH The Pippis Roustabout Peach  
       1*M LA 90EEE                
            Dam Sire: GCH Rowes Maestro Falcon                  
+*B LA EEE 92              
                                                                                   Dam: GCH Rowes Falcon Faira                                    
9*M LA 88 VEV              
                                                                                               Dam's Dam: Rowes Snowbuck Finesse                  
I was thrilled at the oportunity to purchase this charming young buck. Fly Boy is a very correct, dairy buck with some really fantastic genetics including Little Creek LCWT Snowbuck and Rowes Maestro Falcon right there on his papers! Fly Boy's dam was 2nd place 5 year old at ADGA Nationals in 2010. I'm really happy to have this boy in my herd and am excited to see what he'll throw!  We were able to show with the Kennedy's at the Tulsa State Fair.  Peach at age 12 was still an outstanding doe.
Dreamy Hollow's GTC Night Ryder
American Toggenburg


       Sire's Sire: Rowe's  Maesto Rio

Sire: Sunrise-Hill Good Time Charlie
                               LA 4-02 86 VE+
      Sire's Dam: SGCH Sunrise-Hill Ruby
   4*M LA 3-00 91 EEEE
        Dam's Sire:*B CH Continental DDCW Friday                                LA03-05 89 VEV
Dam: SGCH Del-Mirage Friday Night
                                LA VEE 90
        Dam's Dam: GCH Del-Mirage Gabriel                                                            

This is my young buck from 2010 and is out of my favorite doe, Friday and by my main sire for the past two years, Charlie.  This buck is the best of both worlds! We kept two of his doelings from 2011. Ryder's twin sister, Twilight has taken BOB 4 times as a junior!   Ryders kids are now on the ground and they are looking great.  His kids won 3 classes and Jr. Champion at the 2012 State fair.  LA EEE 90
We have traded Ryder to our friends at IK Caprines
Windrush Farms Ruffian Storm
Purebred Alpine

Sire's Sire: Willow Run Achieve Chevalier                       
Sire: CH Willow Run Chevalier Ruffian                                 
LA 89 VEE                                               
Sire's Dam:SGCH Willow Run Armand Rishona         
LA 92 EEEE                                             

            Dam's Sire: Iron-Rod ET Sheriff                                     
LA 86 +VE                                               
Dam: SGCH Windrush Farms IRS Saffron                            
LA 92 EEEE                                             
Dam's Dam: Angel-Praire Dutch Cinnamon                   
LA 91 EEEE                                            
We loved the way Ruffian has crossed with our does and when we were able to acquire Storm we were exstatic.  Storm's dam was the 4th place 5 and 6 year old in 2012 Nationals and her sister placed 2nd.  We have attended 4 shows this year and his kids have won 3 Jr legs and all 4 shows.  He will be our senior herd sire for 2013.   LA VEE 90
Storms' Dam "Saffron" and Maternal Half Sister
Jafar's Dam "Jasmine"
Jafar's Paternal Grand Dam "Tango"
Dreamy-Hollow AKPP Avenger
French Alpine

                    Sire's Sire:Cherry Glenn Abraham Rushkin                   
Sire: Munchin'Hill Aurek

       Sire's Dam: Munchin'Hill Aria
    LA 3-01 90 VEEE
Akin Hills AR Peter Parker                                                       

   Dam's Sire: Munchin'Hill Avant-Garde                          
Dam: CH Munchin'Hill Paris
                                           LA  02-06 90 EEEV
Dam's Dam: Munchin'Hill Piccolo
   LA 02-02 87 VVV+                  
Paris as a 3 year old
Peter Parker was on loan to us during 2012 from Akin Hill farms.  His dam is a very nice doe that we have competed against in many local shows and milk tested, "Paris".  We really needed to add some new French blood in our herd and Peter Parker should blend very nicely with Etienne, Armand Abraham and Rivkah is his pedigree on both sides.   He has been bred to all our French yearlings.  We have kept his son Avenger for our junior french sire this year.  Avenger is out of Dreamy-Hollow Storm Avalanche and Peter Parker.
Avalanche as a 6 month old

       Sire's Sire: CH Willow Run Chevalier Ruffian                                                     LA 89 VEE
Sire: Windrush Farms Ruffian Storm
                                           LA 90 VEE
       Sire's Dam: SGCH Windrush Farms IRS Saffron                                                                   LA 7-06 92 EEEE

Dreamy-Hollow Storm Avalanche                         

       Dam's Sire: Willow Run Wonder Cingular

Dam: Hull's Cingular's Alaska
LA02-02 90 VEEE
       Dam's Dam: Hill N Holler Nominee Almay