Jim Robertson

Since I was diagnosed with recurring prostate cancer two months ago, I have made significant changes in my diet to slow or reverse the progress of the disease.  I have been blessed with a supply of fresh goat milk and goat’s milk products from some nearly neighbors, the Spaulding family.
The goats’  milk has several advantages over cows’ milk:
1.Easier to digest. (Goats’ milk has been shown to digest in a baby’s stomach in 20             minutes while a cow’s milk takes 8 hours.)
2.Goat’s milk does not suppress the immune system.
3.Goat’s milk is alkaline in the digestive tract while cow’s milk in acidic which favors cancer growth.
4.Fermented goat’s milk of kefir (which is Turkish for “feel good”) is a good source of pro-biotics from beneficial bacteria and yeast strains.  It also supplies essential B vitamins, vitamin K and Calcium.  Kefir also forms protective mucus in the intestine which shelters pro-biotic microorganisms.
5.Goats milk cheese is easier to digest than cow’s milk cheese and is non-constipating
After using the goats’ milk, goats’ milk kefir, and goats’ milk cheese for the past two months I have more strength and energy and few side effects from hormonal therapy for prostate cancer.  I had a colonoscopy this past week and had only one small polyp which was removed from an otherwise healthy colon and lower intestinal tract.  Although I had previous constipation and hemorrhoid problems, they have disappeared since I began using goats’ milk (products).  The kefir has been especially beneficial for my digestion and I drink approximately 4 ounces at all three meals.
In summary, I will never return to cows’ milk (products) after experiencing the beneficial effects of goat’s milk (products) additionally, I prefer the taste of the Alpine goat milk to that of cow’s milk.

Jim Robertson
"You will have plenty of goat's Milk to feed you and your family and to nourish your servant girls."
~Proverbs 27:27